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Basic Vocabulary to know for your College Application


High School Seniors are considered incoming freshmen, working towards their first college degree.


  1. Undergraduate programs follow high school and lead to an Associate (two-year) degree or a Bachelor (four-year) degree.

  2. Associates Degree: a two-year program, usually obtained from a community college, that either leads to a specific vocation or transitions to a bachelor program at a 4-year university.

  3. Bachelor’s Degree- a four-year program where students earn credits in a wide variety of courses to satisfy graduation & degree requirements within a specific professional field. 

  4. The majority of Utah seniors applying to Utah colleges are Utah residents (you and your family live in Utah. You will pay 'In-State' tuition. Staying in Utah may save you a lot of money!

  5. Even with some concurrent enrollment college credits, you will be an incoming freshman.

  6. Early Decision is binding-you MUST attend that college.

  7. Early Action  is non-binding-you just receive early response to your application.

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