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Jordan Health & Wellness

Tips for Home-Centered Wellness

For weekly tips for wellness at home, join us for Tuesday Tips - a less than 30-minute virtual lunch n' learn. All of our Tuesday Wellness Tips are recorded and posted on our Tuesday Tips page. Visit the page to sign up.​

Understanding and Managing Depression

Understanding and Managing Anxiety

Other resources on this website can be found to support students and families by providing current resources for mental health, including suicide prevention resources, help with grief/loss or self-harm, general tips for happiness & wellbeing , including our Wellness Wednesday posts, and tools for social and emotional learning.

Find time to relax your mind using mindfulness strategies, activating the vagus nerve, meditating, or deep breathing.

Free well-being education resources for Elementary  and  Secondary Students from the Institute of Positive Education. 

Click here for a comprehensive list of available community resources for health, housing, unemployment, food assistance, as well as other available help.

For more information on mental health, please check out the following link.

Helpful Apps

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