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Self Care

Avoid repetitive negative thoughts

Disrupt repetitive thinking or over-thinking about distressing or negative events in your life by finding a positive distraction.

Manage your stress

Every-day stress, or short term (acute) stress, can motivate us to focus on tasks, do homework, chores and reach  personal and professional goals. Having structure to your day helps manage stress.​

Disconnect from social media and connect with people

Carve out enough time to regularly connect with a friend or family member. Sometimes the best feelings come from helping others. Talk face-to-face!

Get outside in the sun

The sun has healing properties for the mood. The vitamin D we absorb from the sun is vital to feel good.

8 hugs a day

A simple hug helps our brain to produce oxytocin. This hormone makes us feel loved and connected to others.

Get moving

Exercise is good medicine for good moods

Get enough sleep

Teens need about 9 hours of sleep each night to feel good and manage their mental health. Turn off screens one hour before bed. Too much sleep is just as bad as not enough. 

Eat healthy

Not only does eating healthy and nutrient rich foods help keep your body in good working order, eating healthy can also positively affect your mood.

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