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Class Change Policy

Schedules may be changed Before each semester begins and during Arena Registration days. Students can visit with their counselor or email them to request their desired change.


Schedule changes for the current semester may only be changed  within the first 5 days of Quarter 1 or Quarter 3. Students will be assessed a $5 late change fee.

After 5 school days have passed in the semester, classes may no longer be changed. 

Herriman’s Class Add/Drop Policy prohibits counselors from making schedule changes after the five-day deadline except when requested by a teacher for a level change or if initiated through Herriman's Administration. 

This policy was created to:

1.    Protect curriculum time

2.    Minimize distractions/disruptions 

3.    Award full credit 

4.    Most importantly it shelters the student from being academically behind in another course.


As a counseling office, we feel much can be gained both academically and behaviorally in persevering through academic challenges.  We would be happy to sit down and discuss options available to help students be successful in their current courses.

If you would like to make a schedule change for an upcoming semester that has not yet started, we would be happy to assist you any time before that semester begins. 

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